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Dynamite comes in small packages!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

So you're diabetic and need something sweet without the blood sugar roller coaster effect. Stevia is a possible option, just be careful. It can be 150 to 300 times stronger than sugar; but it is still considered a zero calorie product. Possible benefits: - possible antioxidant properties for disease fighting. - blood sugar control during fasting and post meals. - improved satiety and reduced hunger. - less desire to eat more calories later in the day. - protection against liver and kidney damage. - reduces triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Source: Medical New Today "Can stevia benefit people with diabetes?" 04/29/19 Warning: While liquid and crystalized versions of stevia are useful, be cautious and read your labels. Addition of sugar alcohols or processing techniques can make some forms bad to use. Most recent studies have focused on using the stevia leaves. I hang the leaves up to dry, crush them and add just a pinch to tomato sauce, or I use them fresh in my tea strainer. Either way, enjoy! 🌱

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