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Your New Coffee

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I learned that caffeine causes blood sugar to go up. With blood sugar readings in the 200's, I decided I had to wean myself off of the caffeine. Remember there is a fiend in caffeine. Sudden removal of caffeine from your diet can cause withdrawals like lethargy, headaches, and shakes.

When I worked as a District Manager for Frito Lay, we had coffee delivered weekly to the office for all of us at that location. That coffee maker was commercial grade, and we put it through its paces. Then later as a new portrait photographer on the road, I used to break up the monotone of 6 hour drives with bathroom breaks and coffee refills. I was hooked on caffeine.

That is where the amazing Dandy Blend Tea comes in. It tastes just like coffee! You will have to find the right mix for you, just like you do with coffee. I started with one cup, but eventually, I swapped all my caffeine coffee to Dandy Blend Tea.

You see caffeine can cause inflammation in the body. It can cause sore scratchy throat, thrush (an infection visible on the tongue as a gray to yellow to brownish color), or HEMORRHOIDS. It's just most of us are so addicted to caffeine and won't give it up. It took me 2 years to do so! It's ok. Change takes time.

The fantastic Dandy Blend Tea is made from dandelion root and chicory coffee. The dandelion helps lower your blood sugar, while coffee makes it go up. Natural dandelion root can be dug up in the spring and fall and has many benefits like it:

- helps reduce water weight by acting a s diuretic.

- could promote liver health.

- acts as a natural coffee substitute.

- could have similar properties to a weight loss drug, Orlistat.

- may soothe digestive ailments.

- could have future anti-cancer applications.

- may help prevent urinary tract infections.

Source: "7 Ways Dandelion Tea Could Be Good for You"

Healthline 02/08/2019

Then you can dry it dehydrating it or baking it in the oven at an extremely low setting. Chop it up before dehydration, so it will dry faster and fit in your tea strainer. Just make sure you discuss dietary changes with your doctor because dandelion tea interacts with certain medications including, diuretics, lithium, and Cipro. An allergic reaction can be a side effect of touching or ingesting dandelion.

I prefer the Dandy Blend instant mix with no need to clean up another tea strainer. I drink plenty of loose leaf tea! And drinking Dandy Blend Tea with no caffeine, I don't worry about my blood sugar going up. Enjoy! Please like, comment, and share.

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