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Road Food

In my travels, I try to stay away from fast food restaurants. The preservatives they put in their food is bad for us. It kills the good bacteria in your gut. Then we pay more money to restore the good bacteria with probiotics and prebiotics.

Instead of having to repair my gut health, I try to eat very health but delicious meals on the road. It's even better when a recipe is easy to make. I would say 5 ingredients is simple. A salad is even easier since it doesn't require cooking. This pimento salad is fantastic!


- 1/8 cup Vegenaise soy-free mayonnaise

- 1/2 cup finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese

- 1 tbsp pimentos

- 5 cherry tomatoes

- 2 cups chopped Artisian lettuce


  1. Mix the Vegenaise mayo, pimentos, and sharp cheddar cheese together in a bowl.

  2. Allow the mix to chill for at least 2 hours. Overnight is better.

  3. Spread the lettuce on a plate.

  4. Place the pimento mix in the center.

  5. Top with cherry tomatoes.

Artisian lettuce is a mix of loose leaf lettuces. They tend to last longer than other lettuces like Iceberg lettuce, that doesn't have a high nutritional value. Artisan lettuces have vitamin K for improving bone strength. Their high water content helps improve hydration in the body. It helps improve vision due to the vitamin A.

Source: "Health Benefits of Lettuce"

WebMD 09/16/2020

The lettuce lasts longer when kept cool. I carry a small cooler on wheels on the road. It is for my insulin and food. If you make the pimento cheese topping before your trip, the cherry tomatoes and salad can be picked up at a store on your way to your travel destination. Usually, hotels and Airbnb's provide a refrigerator. It is even better when the Airbnb is as lovely as the one at which I've been staying recently.

The Blue Goose has it all. It's a biker hostel, wine and coffee shop with a bakery, and a country store with fresh produce. The hostel is cozy and inviting. The country store has excellent fresh produce, drinks, and candy for the kids. The outdoor spaces are beautiful and inviting. It is the perfect space for events with the kitchen available for commercial use. The coffee shop with fresh bakery items in the morning is a relaxing spot for friends to meet and visit.

You don't have to be a commercial chef to make great road food. Check out some of my prior recipes for roasted pumpkin seeds, stuffed cheesy mushroom caps, egg bites, nutty apple wedges, or hummus deviled eggs, Let me know if you tried a travel recipe. Please comment, like, share, and come back next week for more recipes, ideas, and tips. Subscribe to the website, if you would like weekly email reminders to add more recipes to your recipe book.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice, but a compilation of research from medical sites. Make sure to see your doctor and have up to date lab work.

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