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An Easy Snack

We watch our carbohydrate and sugar intake to control our blood sugar. Sometimes it's just good to take a break. Enter in nuts: walnuts, pecans, pistachios, almonds, and/or cashews. They are loaded with protein, fiber, and essential fats. They won't cause a sharp, fast rise in blood sugar. I recommend keeping a bag in your car in case of a hypoglycemic emergency.

Peanuts didn't make the list because peanuts are sometimes processed with cross contaminates like other nuts, wheat, egg, etc. Many of us definitely don't need the carbohydrate blood sugar spike from wheat! Cashews are coming close to being added to this list for the same reason.

Just some of the benefits...

  1. Pecans are rich in antioxidants that help prevent plaque formation that causes hardened arteries. They are a good source of B3 used to fight fatigue.

  2. Cashews contain iron and zinc. Zinc helps our immune system. They are rich in magnesium which is thought to aid in recall and delay age related memory loss.

  3. Almonds are high in vitamin E for the skin. If you leave the skin on the almonds, it helps with heart protection too.

  4. Walnuts are useful for fighting cancer. They aid in lowering bad cholesterol due to the mono-unsaturated fats. Their high omega 3 content can help you, if you don't eat fish. Those omega 3's help with fatigue, sleep problems, joint pain, hair skin, and nails plus much more...

  5. Pistachios are rich in B6 that is useful in balancing hormones. It contains potassium and fiber (30 g = 3x fiber in plums). The antioxidants in pistachios are good for the eyes.

Source; "The Health Benefits of Nuts"

BBC goodfood

A little goes a long way. Nuts are really jam packed with nutrients. Just a handful is all you need for a serving. So celebrate another small win with this easy snack. Enjoy!

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