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Objects in motion tend to stay in motion... - Issac Newton

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Lethargy tends to be a big symptom of high blood sugar. It's natural that right after we eat, that we get a blood sugar spike. All that food is turned into sugar to power our bodies, but we can counter act this with MOTION! It can be any movement: biking, hula hooping, gardening, or dancing.

Timing is extremely important... Try to do your exercise right after eating, say within 20 to 30 min. It doesn't have to be a killer work out. Just a walk around the block is great!

Pro tip: Try to exercise the larger muscles: thighs, back, rear and abs, to get more bang for your motion. This helps use up the sugar already present in the muscles. Then there is room for the new sugar from your recent meal. This does take time after exercise, so don't expect your blood sugar to fall immediately. Be patient and stay with it!

Please make sure you are keeping your medical provider in the loop on your exercise goals for guidance.

Safety tip: If you go out and forget a safety snack and you discover your blood sugar dropping, do some push ups, sit ups, wall sits, or leg lifts to release stored up blood sugar. It will release temporary stores of sugar. This can give you time until you can get to some food.

Just remember that exercise will help you control blood sugar the most...

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